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This blog is a work in progress. At some point, I presume, it will be the one portal that I can unleash the poison in my mind onto the world at large. Or at least, one viaduct of the Internet torrent. Right now, all I do is sit in a dark room, winding watches, and waiting for an angel with a flaming sword to descend from the heavens and command me into action. I hope she brings a cheeseburger. Getting mighty hungry. Because, after all, we all possess hungry hearts. There, I’ve covered all my appropriate bases. Wait, there is still this one and that one. More to follow I am sure…

Until then, I chant my mantra, from Diane DiPrima: The only War that counts is the war against the imagination



Figuring this blog shit out

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I’m too old and too tired. but I’ll master this shit.