Gee, I guess the Los Angeles Times is a tool of the great, creeping, liberal ogre. Why else would it run a story on the Republican rebuttal to Barry’s state of the union address that feature prominent Republicans saying the most hackneyed, insipid, brain-dead bullshit? Newt’s is particularly brilliant, bringing up Obama’s association with Saul Alinksky. He must have studied that when he was thinking about leaving his disease-stricken wives and pocketing millions from Freddie Mac. Disgusting little hypocritical prick.

UPDATED: 4:01 p.m. And now this story

I mean, really, how can anyone take this guy seriously? I’m not about to say Ronald Reagan was a master at anything other than one-way communication, but for this mangy, discredited, wiffle-waffling, opportunistic, slimy scum-bag to cloak himself in the mantle of Reaganish conservatism–when he clearly railed on the chief–is absolute  bullshit. Newt supporters: when you wake up tomorrow morning, take a good long look in the mirror and recite the following: I am a fucking tool.