Twenty years ago, I subscribed to both these magazines, in hopes that I might become more aware of Big Things. And I also thought it’d be cool to be a foreign correspondent for a big newspaper (which I still think would be cool…) The Economist was a great read, but it came out every week and I couldn’t justify subscribing for more than a year. Foreign Policy was stodgy and dry and way too academic to get into.

But I’ve retained an interest in the Economist over the years and recently learned that Foreign Policy had been purchased by the Washington Post Co., which has greatly revamped its on-line presence.


Yes, the Washington Post is a favorite whipping post for those who smell the offal of the liberal ogre in its pages (which is bullshit). But the new Foreign Policy seems balanced, even offering a Shadow Government blog for conservative analysts.

Anyhow, each features in-depth explorations of a wide array of issues and should be required reading for those who wish to free themselves from the insufferable drone of the Echo Chamber.

Praise Allah for the Internet!