Second week of blog project, today’s front pages (click on link)

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Just in case it doesn’t come up, following is an MS Word with the images and the analysis.



Blog post week two: TODAY’s FRONT PAGES

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This just in from the lunatic right-wing conservative fringe

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Most days, I’m content to just rant on Facebook. But I saw this “story” posted yesterday on The Book by a good friend of mine who is very intelligent, but a bit off-base with this, mostly because the evidence used in this “story” is from one of the slimiest and most fraudulent right-wing, lunatic-fringe “news sites” out there. The story, which links to an even worse one on is infuriating on so many levels and a trenchant lesson in considering the source.

First: WHO CARES. Who cares if John Kerry, a Vietnam vet in his 20s who led an anti-war group, traveled to Paris in 1970 and talked to the U.S. “enemy?” Isn’t that what someone against a war being led by a crooked commander-in-chief (who just happened to be secretly bombing the fuck out of Cambodia at the same time) is SUPPOSED to do? And what does that have to do with 47 Republican senators writing a letter to a nation, one so riddled by mistakes and stupidity that the Iranian foreign minister actually called them out on a few points of order? Answer: It doesn’t. Bringing up what Kerry or Pelosi or Tom Thumb or whoever did, are just red herrings designed to throw people off the scent of the shit of 47 scumwad militaristic senate members who don’t want to stop a war nearly as much as they want to support Israel starting a war.

Second:—the source for what the Conservative Tribune uses as its main wedge to prove Kerry is a hypocrite, is shit. Pure and simple. The proof of Kerry being a mouthpiece for Communist propaganda comes from a 10-year hack job written a month before the 2004 presidential election–from the SAME GUY who co-wrote the Swift Boat book that might have played a decisive role in scuttling Kerry’s bid for the 2004 presidency. And what evidence does that hack job give? Well, here it is: Even today, we do not know how Kerry arranged the meeting, where it was held, how long it lasted, or” what precisely Kerry and Madame Binh discussed.”
Yet, lack of any actual information or fact doesn’t keep this “writer” from spewing a 1,000 article filled with unsubstantiated innuendo and flat-out bullshit. Nothing but his own opinion, and it’s not even a well-written opinion to begin with.
Any reasonable person can spend five minutes on wnd and so many others like it, and ascertain its agenda and purpose. It’s yet another spoke in the right-wing propaganda wheel, and I don’t mean right-wing like honest conservatives with intelligence (I hear they’re still out there; somewhere) but I mean the batshit-crazy paranoid lunatic fringe right-wing conservatives (generally the ones praying for every dire prophecy in the Book of Revelation to come true in no small part to give some measure of meaning to their sad, rabbit lives) who somehow missed a rather important chapter in Critical Thinking 101: that a responsible citizen isn’t just well-informed; they also have an obligation to make sure the sources they are choosing to be informed from are not pure crap.

For more 411 on what such a disgrace stew of shit WND is, the best thing is to just go to the site yourself. But these are some pretty good summations:


Here and here

Something I am doing somewhere else.

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Sign of the apocalypse 2015

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There are many things to irk, aggravate, piss off, frighten, concern, whatever any true American. Both large and small. Our Muslim president. Our out-of-control police departments. Our corrupt everything system. Your heart’s broken. You have no money. Your kid has been diagnosed with polio.
All transitory. All irrelevant in the cosmic schemata.
Only one thing truly matters to any decent, wholesome, God-fearing, red-blooded, infidel-stomping American:
Yes, I did hear a silent amen of affirmation from those in-the-know. For those of you who think the Academy Awards are more important, or Iran getting a nuke, or your sad, pointless lives, well, they’re not.
Only baseball. Major League Baseball.
So, with that empirically stated, this is also the time of year when genuine Americans buy a 2015 MLB preview magazine. Doesn’t matter what it is: The Sporting News, Athlon, Lindy’s, Street and Smith.Nor does it matter if it’s instantly outdated a week before it hits the street or if you buy it and never look at it again.
You have it. You did your ritual duty. You are good.
Unfortunately, a grim harbinger of the impending dissolution of all that is good is currently on display at the magazine section of your local grocery story. You can’t find an actual baseball preview to save your life. No, they are all FANTASY baseball previews. That’s it. FANTASY baseball.
And if you don’t understand what a sad testament that is to the reality of 2015, consider yourself hereby condemned to the deepest reaches of hell.