There are many things to irk, aggravate, piss off, frighten, concern, whatever any true American. Both large and small. Our Muslim president. Our out-of-control police departments. Our corrupt everything system. Your heart’s broken. You have no money. Your kid has been diagnosed with polio.
All transitory. All irrelevant in the cosmic schemata.
Only one thing truly matters to any decent, wholesome, God-fearing, red-blooded, infidel-stomping American:
Yes, I did hear a silent amen of affirmation from those in-the-know. For those of you who think the Academy Awards are more important, or Iran getting a nuke, or your sad, pointless lives, well, they’re not.
Only baseball. Major League Baseball.
So, with that empirically stated, this is also the time of year when genuine Americans buy a 2015 MLB preview magazine. Doesn’t matter what it is: The Sporting News, Athlon, Lindy’s, Street and Smith.Nor does it matter if it’s instantly outdated a week before it hits the street or if you buy it and never look at it again.
You have it. You did your ritual duty. You are good.
Unfortunately, a grim harbinger of the impending dissolution of all that is good is currently on display at the magazine section of your local grocery story. You can’t find an actual baseball preview to save your life. No, they are all FANTASY baseball previews. That’s it. FANTASY baseball.
And if you don’t understand what a sad testament that is to the reality of 2015, consider yourself hereby condemned to the deepest reaches of hell.