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Analysis: The attempt to contextualize Sunday newspaper in a framing perspective is problematic. Unlike the other days of the week, Sunday newspapers are put to bed far earlier, and many newspapers actually begin assembling them as early as Friday, so unless breaking news is deemed vitally important, it is often not reflected on the front page.

However, because there is more time to choose articles, and more space afforded to feature stories and news analysis, choosing a sample of Sunday front pages domestically and internationally might actually provide more details on what the editors of major newspapers deem is “more important.”

If that is true, then the 2016 presidential election is the burning issue of the day, at least in the United States. The LA times featured prominent stories on both the congested Republican field of 16 announced candidates, and the Democratic field which, so far, is only Hillary Clinton.  The Washington Post, New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer also gave huge attention to the party races. But, like so much election coverage in the mainstream media, the headlines seem to focus on conflict and personality, as opposed to substantive analysis of the issues.

Don’t expect that to change any time soon.

Other issues that generated traction in domestic newspapers this morning were health, race (police brutality) war in the middle east, and sports.