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Proving once again that nothing makes headlines like disasters involving hundreds of people, all but two of today’s English-language newspapers prominently featured the wreck this weekend of a ship filled with refugees that sank off the coast of Italy after departing Libya. Along with the grim reality that anywhere from 700 to 950 people may have been on board, the story is also news because these people were being smuggled into Europe, which is already dealing with a very urgent conversation, if not crisis, over immigration, particularly from Northern Africa.

All the major United States papers featured the story on their front pages, as did the Wall Street Journal Europe and Wall Street Journal Asia editions, as did the Jerusalem Post.

A brief scan of European newspapers, from France to Germany, also saw the story was front page, as the image of the German-language BILD, pictured above show, as well as the front page of France’s Le Monde, below.

Other stories that gained traction, as usual, were terrorism, with five papers featuring some kind story about ISIS or other Middle Eastern group.

The 20th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing (another aspect of terrorism) was prominent on the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Philadelphia Inquirer front pages.