WHAT THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT (From site admin and writer Joel Beers)

This is a blog created as part of a class I am currently enrolled in at California State University, Fullerton: Comm 422, Information Technologies, taught by Karla Yarbrough.

Beginning Monday, March 9, I will capture screen shots of physical front pages of major media news sites ranging from the NY Times and USA Today, to English-language international newspapers, such as the U.K’s The Guardian, and Israel’s The Jerusalem Post.
I will retrieve these images each Monday for six weeks at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, and will  contribute my perspective on what these outlets determine are the main stories of the day, and offer my thoughts on any perceived slant or bias, as well as weigh in on any perceived agenda setting.
Now, some might say, “who cares? No one reads newspapers anymore, especially physical newspapers, except for people traveling on planes that day.”
While it is true that far more people get their news on-line, particularly on mobile devices, it’s also true that with the news cycle in constant 24/7 turnover mode, and all newspapers updating their digital sites at different times, it’s impossible to fix a set benchmark for comparison. In contrast, the physical copies of the newspaper are what editors and designers put advance thought into, particularly for the Monday editions, since they are “put to bed”  earlier than other editions.And since the goal of this project is to detect any slant, or bias, in  what is deemed “the most newsworthy,” both in terms of the individual sites, as well as collectively, I think comparing the Monday morning editions of physical newspapers is valid.
So please peruse and feel free to comment, positively or negatively to my analysis.
Also, all printed editions are courtesy of Newseum, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit initiative with a physical building educational center in that city, as well as a vibrant on-line presence. It’s a valuable resource for journalism students, practitioners, teachers, and anyone with an interest in journalism.