Today’s front pages, week five (April 6).
For some reason, the images I capture via newseum.org are not available the day after they run. I have tried every conceivable method, but have no luck. So, for today, I have decided to put them all in a MSWORD file, that you can find here:
https://joel55.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/495/LA Times
Russia, presidential campaign, Dodger Opening day, Kenya massacre (terrorism), Rolling stone retraction

USA TODAY, Kenya, March Madness, baseball opening day, Rolling Stone, Je Suis Charlie (Terrorism)

Washington post: IRan nuclear deal, Yemen (Terrorism), baseball, Rand Paul, rolling stone retraction

NYT California drought, Iran nuclear deal, Rolling stone retraction, Kenya (terrorism)

London Times Terrorism

Wall Street Journal: Iran nuclear deal, Rand PAul, Yemen (terrorism),, rollin gstone retraction

Wall Street Journal Asia:, Iran nuclear deal, Yemen (terrorism)

International papers: Most local coverage, although both Israeli newspapers lead with the Iranian nuclear deal.

ANALYSIS Once again this week, the Middle east dominates the front pages of the English-language newspapers sampled today. Every American newspaper mentioned the recent massacre in Kenya, which is directly linked to terrorism and the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, both the U.S. and the Asian version, led with the Iranian nuclear deal. Both newspapers printed in Israel also led with the Iranian nuclear deal.
In some fashion, every newspaper but the Japan Times mentioned terrorism in some fashion.

Rand Paul’s expected announcement for his bid to claim the Republican nomination also factored in domestic newspapers, as did opening day for the Major League Baseball season and the NCAA men’s championship game tonight.

Another story that was mentioned on the front pages of most domestic newspapers was a report from the Columbia School of Journalism on a story that ran last year in Stone. The report is highly critical of the story, which the magazine has now admitted suffered major flaws in its reporting.