Blog post 1, Monday March 9, 2015

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Today’s Front Pages: Monday, March 9

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 New york times (U.S. Edition)

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USA Today

Wall Street Journal (U.S. Edition)


The Jerusalem Post

7.  Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

The Guardian (U.K)

 Wall Street Journal (Europe Edition)

Wall Street Journal Asia

China Daily

Japan Times

The International News (Pakistan)

The Korea Times


The hunt for the killers of a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton’s travails, international women’s rights, and Isis/terrorism, are featured in some fashion on most of the English-language newspapers sampled today.

Prominent photos, or stories, of suspects detained in the Putin-related death are featured on the NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and all three Wall Street Journal editions. Interestingly, none of the international papers (ones in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Israel or Japan) mention the story on their front pages.

Some mention of Hillary Clinton or women’s rights are featured on five of the front pages, including a story on women’s rights in Israel from the Jerusalem Post.

Domestically, the 50th anniversary of Selma received some traction, particularly in USA Today, but overall,  stories about ISIS, Iran and terrorist seemed to be a throughline, as seven newspapers featured some aspect of those issues on their front pages, including two stories in the Jerusalem Post about efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear program.

There was also a smattering of anti-China and anti-Russian stories, particularly in the Los Angeles Times and the UK’s Guardian.

Two tech stories surfaced on different papers: the Apple Watch and the Yik Yak social media site.

International papers tended to focus on domestic issues.

So, in a nutshell, Russia–both in terms of who killed Boris Nemtsov and its actions in the Ukraine–, terrorism, and, at least for American papers, Hillary Clinton, dominated this small sampling.