Tristan and Yseult at SCR.

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Following their astonishing? Brief Encounter and The Wild Bride, the beguiling players from Kneehigh return to St. Ann’s Warehouse with this glorious adaptation of Tristan & Yseult. Based on an epic ancient tale from Cornwall, Tristan & Yseult revels in

Definitely worth checking out:


Review of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, Chance Theater, Anaheim


Stellar production, problematic play at the Chance Theater

Who knew “The Sting” could work on stage?

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Review of two Mark Ravenhill plays at Stages Theatre

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Review of “The Balcony” at Stages Theatre

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Here is the link to this week’s review in OC Weekly of Jean Genet’s play, “The Balcony.”



a motherfucking review

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Happy Birthday to a great Dick

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So, it’s Richard Nixon’s 100th birthday today.


I’ve long been fascinated by the guy. He resigned on my birthday, Aug. 8, 1974. I was just a wee lad then, but I remember mocking the guy with the long face on the TV and my mom scolding me. ON MY BIRTHDAY! Years later, my mom said it was a strong possibility we were related, quite distantly, to the Nixon family. The movie “All the President’s Men” was a major reason why i aspired to become a journalist. And I’ve read a great deal about him and have even written some things. My assessment: one of the smartest, and most insecure men to ever sit in the Oval Office. He accomplished great things, but also was a major force in establishing the imperial presidency, and was a deeply flawed man.

Here are some things I’ve written about him over the years…

A cover story in 1999 in OC Weekly in which I tried to find physical reminders of Nixon’s legacy in OC and Whittier…

A story for KCET’s website in which I tried to do a similar thing at his presidential library and museum…

A review of a play at South Coast Repertory in 1998 about Nixon’s first run for Congress…

A review of the theatrical version of “Frost Nixon” last year at the Maverick theater…

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